Rosales Student Residence Madrid – Terms

1.- The residence is intended for students, therefore the implemented regulations are appropriate for the nature of the residence.

2.- Breakfast, lunch and dinner service hours are strictly compulsory.
Meal times are as follows:

  • Breakfast: Monday to Friday 7:00am to 8:30am, Saturday 9:00am to 10:00am
  • Lunch: 2:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Dinner: 8:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Without previous notice or justified explanation, there will not be any exceptions in meal times.
  • There will be no meal service on Sundays and bank holidays, or during Christmas and Easter holidays.
  • From 10pm on a bank holiday until 7am the following day, the dining room will remain CLOSED.

In the event of a student suffering from an illness or a chronic condition, which requires a special diet or not eating salt, sugar…etc, the residence´s management must be informed and it must be stated in the rental contract in order to be accepted by the “Rosales Student Residence”.

3.- The student will seek to contribute towards the learning environment, to keep noise to a minimum, be respectful of other students, and respect the residence, it´s furniture, objects and installations.

4.-It is compulsory to allow access to the cleaning staff into the bedrooms from Monday to Friday from 10:30am. Bedrooms will be left as tidy as possible in order to clean them effectively. For hygiene reasons, food is prohibited from bedrooms. Daily cleaning of the bedrooms is compulsory during said hours.

5.-Non-residents are not permitted into the residence, unless authorized by the management, in which case, would only be during the daytime (from 9 AM to 9 PM), never during the nighttime. 2 is the maximum amount of visitors allowed per student.

6.-Students must not make any noise after 11pm so that other students can relax or study. GATHERINGS IN BEDROOMS ARE NOT PERMITTED after 11pm.
Silence and politeness must be extended to all neighbors including the concierge.
Students must also make good use of the building´s facilities in general, such as windows, lifts, fire extinguishers, intercom, etc…
It is EXTREMELY important to keep the dining room door shut at all times.
Students will be held accountable for the improper use of, or causing damage to the residence´s facilities.

7.- The management reserves the right to prohibit or limit the use of electrical appliances in bedrooms for the following reasons: the academic environment, silence, order, or safety of the electrical installations are threatened, it creates noise, or consumes an excessive amount of electricity.
The use of heaters, fridges, televisions and sound systems, etc…is completely prohibited.

8.- The student will find two string bags in their rooms for the laundry service, and will be responsible for these bags. Students will leave their dirty clothes outside their bedroom doors before 10:30am on the designated day in order to be laundered. Each item of clothing should be clearly marked with the room number and placed in the large string bag. Underwear should be placed separately into the smaller bag, which is then put inside the larger bag.
The number of garments per resident per week will be limited as follows:

  • 7 shirts.
  • 7 T-shirts.
  • 4 trousers or  skirts.
  • 1 towel.
  • unlimited underwear.

Washed and ironed clothes will be returned two days after their collection.
The management will not be held responsible for the possible damage of clothing, especially when dealing with delicate garments which need to be dry-cleaned.
It is prohibited to leave clothes to dry in the bathrooms, out the windows or on the balconies.

9.- Each student will be provided with two keys and will be held responsible if lost.

10.- Internet connection is available in every bedroom via an ADSL. Students will also be able to receive phone calls in their bedrooms through the switchboard.

11.-Each bedroom is provided with a telephone to receive phone calls. In order to call the student, you must call 0034 915 487 217 and then press 1 followed by the room number. (E.g – To call room 6, press 106).

12.-The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited within the residence. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS REGULATION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE RESIDENCE. The residence is a NON SMOKING place.

13.-Should the student need any medical attention, expenses will be paid by the student.

14.- Failure to comply with any of the current regulations more than once will result in expulsion from the residence. The management will therefore inform the resident in writing of any serious breach of rules, which will be signed by the student as proof of receipt. If the student refuses to sign the notice, a witness will sign as proof that the student has been informed. The second notice of serious breach will result in direct expulsion.

An exception to this regulation would be a breach of regulation number 12, in which case the student would not receive two written notices and would be immediately expelled.

Expulsion will result in refusing the student access to the residence and its facilities, except in order to collect his/her belongings, which if are not immediately collected, will be kept in the residence for a period of 6 months. If the student´s belongings have not been collected after this period, they will be destroyed or donated.

The student is also obliged to return the keys immediately after expulsion, or will be responsible for paying the cost of changing the lock.

Expelled students have no right to a deposit refund.

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